The privilege of traveling comes with a certain responsibility, and of course that goes for camping as well. Let's move forward as friends of nature and people and care for each other. With our pact, we would like to settle this with you.

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Say hi

A nice greeting can work wonders. Your friends will appreciate it, strangers will be surprised. But it's worth a try: Say hello, good day or “howdy”, respected lady, esteemed gentleman and dear child. We want to make something a rule in the our community. Mutual respect.

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Nature first, technology later

The Internet is new territory for all of us. A phrase as ridiculed as it is underestimated. We really don't know where the digitized world is heading to. But we do know that places of retreat are becoming increasingly important. Put away your smartphone, close your laptop and experience what freedom really feels like.

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Leave no trace

Pictures and memories are all you're allowed to take with you. Footprints are all you can leave. And only time you can kill. Remember, we only have this one world.

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With all justified concern for nature, we should still be allowed to enjoy it. In a time when sometimes the shared image is more important than the actual experienced moment, we want to go in a different direction. Enjoy nature to the fullest, enjoy the moment, enjoy the encounters. It will be the images that will stay with you forever.